Agricultural Adjuvants.

They improve the activity and application characteristics of biocontrol, crop protection and bionutrition.

Our range of solutions serves a variety of purposes depending on requirements, for example as an adhesive, wetting agent, surfactant, drift control, etc


OMRI-listed water conditioner and acidifying agent to reduce the pH of a tank mix solution


Foliar adjuvant specially formulated to improve performance of herbicides requiring an oil-based adjuvant


OMRI-listed soil adjuvant for uniformly distributing soil-applied pesticides and nutrients in the root zone of plants


Water conditioner/utility modifier solubilizes nutrients and/or pesticides in tank mixes and reduces the agglomeration of oils and particles in water

Available only in Canada


OMRI-listed foliar adjuvant for improving spreading, wetting and penetration of organic pesticides and nutrients


Advanced foliar adjuvant for improving the efficacy of inputs used on trees and vines, berries and small fruits


The best penetrant for use with systemic pesticides and nutrients and an excellent spreader/wetter for foliar-applied contact pesticides

Discover our high-performance bionutrition solutions, adjuvants and correctors for each stage of your crops’ life cycle.

Agricultural Bionutrition

Agricultural Biocontrol

Agricultural Adjuvants and Correctors

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