ORO-RZ and PREV-AM Unbeatable combination against White Mold

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ORO-RZ is a soil adjuvant.

  • Improves distribution and uniformity of soil-applied pesticides
  • Mitigates disease conditions in the soil
  • Supports aerobic soil and increases soil health
  • Application rate: 1-2 pt/ac
  • No potash in ORO-RZ
  • Available in: 2×2.5 gal jug, 135 gal tote, 265 gal tote


PREV-AM is a fungicide, insecticide and miticide.

  • 3 in 1 broad spectrum contact control
  • Fast Acting: Knockdown in minutes
  • OROWET Technology: Superior spreading, coverage and penetration
  • Use PREV-AM at: 50-100 fl. oz/100-gal spray solution
  • Available in: 2×2.5 gal jug, 135 gal tote, 265 gal tote


White Mold Control and Yield across 4 trials in 2022

White Mold Control and Yield across 6 trials in 2022

For researchers and agricultural professionals interested in learning more about ORO-RZ or PREV-AM and its in soybeans please contact your local Rovensa Next representative.

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