R&D Capabilities.

How we invest and improve performance.

Enabling what’s next.

Pioneering the green transition requires a forward-looking mindset that does not compromise on performance.

We therefore persist in innovating and investing to drive what’s next.

100 Especialistas en I&D e innovación
Investment in R&D and Regulatory Affairs
1 %
Masters and PhDs in the field of Agriculture
+ 0
84 Colaboraciones con centros de investigación y universidades
Partnerships with research centres and universities
+ 45
3000 Empreados en Rovensa Next
R&D and innovation specialists
+ 48
R&D laboratories, excellence centres, fields and greenhouses.
Ensayos y estudios en campo
Trials and studies in the field
Patentes en más de 40 países
Inventions patented in +40 countries
Publicaciones científicas revisadas por expertos
Peer reviewed scientific publications

Our undaunted investment in scientific research stems from a trust in its capacity to solve many of our challenges.

In fact, we invest more than 6% of our revenues in R&D and regulatory activities.

Our R&D personnel with expertise ranging from Agronomy, Biological Sciences, and Biotechnology, to Life and Soil Sciences, are our most valuable asset.

At Rovensa we foster, sharpen and employ their academic and professional competencies, and believe that they are key to resolving current and future challenges.

Fundamental research.

Our research capabilities include the discovery of active ingredients and new technologies. We screen a myriad of natural compounds, develop suitable formulations, and perform transversal scientific and technical experiments.

Technical validation and characterization.

Here, we focus on chemical analysis and bioassays, product stability tests as well as in vitro and in vivo screenings of biostimulants, biopesticides and other biosolutions. This area of research also involves plant physiology studies and active ingredients mode-of-action determination.

Crop technology and product scouting.

This area of development entails technical validation and characterization of various prototypes throughout controlled conditions trials, greenhouse trials and open field trials.

R&D Collaborations

Working together for greater impact

R&D Funded projects

Activities to transition to a greener future.

Let’s grow together.

We help you accelerate the green transition. We offer broad local knowledge and global technical assistance.

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