OMRI-listed soil adjuvant for uniformly distributing soil-applied pesticides and nutrients in the root zone of plants

Improves the distribution of a tank mix
Distributes pre-emergent herbicides evenly to prevent gaps that would otherwise allow weed growth
Surrounds vulnerable in-soil portion of crops with pesticides to protect them against infestation.
Eliminates hydrophobic soil dead spots by allowing spray solutions to penetrate areas that may otherwise repel them

Beat the toughest weeds and soil-borne diseases with improved soil penetration and distribution of pesticides

ORO®-RZ is a wetting adjuvant for distributing soil-applied pesticides and nutrients in the root zone of plants. It is also an effective adjuvant when used in burndown and desiccation herbicide applications. ORO-RZ is an OMRI-listed, WSDA-registered material for use in organic agriculture when combined with organic pesticides.

CPDA Certified

ORO®-RZ helps improve pesticide effectiveness in hydrophobic soils.

Knocking out tough and resistant weeds and damaging soil pathogens requires getting your pesticides evenly spread throughout your soil. Missed areas lead to nutrient-stealing weed growth and disease that hurts your bottom line.

ORO-RZ soil adjuvant combined with pesticides has been proven a powerful, new tool for controlling resistant weeds and damaging soil pathogens by promoting even distribution and spreading of pesticides throughout soil, including hydrophobic soil, to dramatically improve effectiveness.

The ability of ORO-RZ to deliver superior performance of soil-applied pesticides offers you a better return on your pesticide investment through better control of pre-emergent weeds and soil-borne diseases.

Get more from every acre by getting more from your pesticides with ORO-RZ.

Get the most out of expert recommended pre-emergent weed control strategies with ORO-RZ soil adjuvant.

Improving Soil Health

ORO-RZ® adjuvant improves the efficacy of soil-applied pesticides and nutrients. When tank mixed with pre-emergent herbicides it improves soil hydraulic conductivity, even in hydroscopic soils, to move the herbicide solution into soil pore spaces to lay down a uniform barrier of herbicide protection. ORO-RZ, when applied with nutrients such as NANOCAL, distributes the application uniformly throughout the soil profile boosting efficient uptake by the root system.


Most state cooperative extension services now recommend a pre-emergent application strategy to control Roundup-resistant weeds. To make this strategy even more effective, you should add ORO-RZ to every pre-emergent application.

Hydrophobic soil areas left untreated can allow weed seeds to germinate, thus requiring a post-emergent application to control. A tank mix of ORO-RZ with a pre-emergent herbicide delivers a uniform soil treatment to provide even distribution, resulting in dramatically reduced weed growth.

ORO-RZ is the most advanced soil adjuvant for combating tough and Roundup-resistant weed growth, including broadleaf weeds like marestail. By delivering a uniform soil treatment of herbicide and providing even distribution, the ability of weed seeds to germinate is dramatically reduced. Improved weed control results are realized with a tank mix of ORO-RZ.


Soil-applied herbicides may not penetrate dense and hydrophobic pockets in soil, allowing weed seeds to germinate and grow. Mixed with ORO-RZ, herbicides infiltrate more thoroughly and penetrate pockets of denser soil delivering better control.

Soil-Borne Disease Control

Soil-borne pathogens can seriously reduce yield and crop quality. While soil applications of fungicides can help mitigate losses, soil condition can dramatically reduce their effectiveness. ORO-RZ has been scientifically developed to improve absorption, spreading and infiltration of fungicides in all soil types including hydrophobic soil. ORO-RZ mixed with fungicides has been shown to eliminate a higher percentage of soil-borne diseases including Rhizoctonia, Phytophera and others targeted with soil-applied treatments.

Control of Soil-Borne Pathogens

In-furrow at planting with soil pesticides – Use 1 to 2 pints per acre

In pre-emergent herbicide sprays – Use 1 to 2 pints per acre

In broadcast tank mix solutions – Use 1 to 4 pints per acre

Chemigation: (Through irrigation systems such as drip, microjet, sprinklers or pivot) – Use

1 to 8 pints per acre

IMPORTANT: Additional Operating Instructions for Chemigation. Review your state and local

regulatory requirements before applying any adjuvant or agricultural chemical through an


APPLICATIONS for additional use requirements and restrictions. Directions for use with

ORO-RZ please visit www.oroagri.com/chemoro-rz


8 to 64 fluid ounces per ton of media (test rates prior to use)


Burndown and Desiccation: Use 8-64 ounces per acre

*Always read and follow the product labels for more complete information and application directions. Check your state product registration status before using any product.

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