OMRI-listed foliar adjuvant for improving spreading, wetting and penetration of organic pesticides and nutrients

Superior Spreading - provides excellent wetting and coverage of the leaf surface
Superior Penetration – opens channels in the epicuticular wax layer to move into the plant’s vascular system
Superior Translocation – moves quickly throughout the plant compared to systemic pesticide alone

Get maximum effectiveness from organic pesticides and foliar nutrients with improved spreading, wetting and penetration.

OROBOOST® is an OMRI-listed, WSDA-registered organic adjuvant*, formulated specifically to make organic herbicides, insecticides, miticides, fungicides and foliar nutrients work harder. In addition to improving spreading, wetting and penetration, OROBOOST is the only organic adjuvant with proprietary TransPhloemTM technology that accelerates input translocation throughout plants, including roots, to deliver active ingredients for quicker and better results.

A recent University of Illinois study concluded OROBOOST-treated applications are absorbed into the leaf more quickly, and move a greater percentage of the systemic pesticide to the roots faster than pesticide alone. OROBOOST also provides versatility through mix rates that allow you to control where and how your inputs are delivered on, or in, plants.

*OROBOOST is registered organic only when tank mixed with at least one other registered organic pesticide.

Spreader / Penetrant


OROBOOST is designed to provide organic growers a powerful tool for improved control of insects, weeds and fungus, as well as realizing maximum benefits from foliar nutrient applications. It is approved for use with all organic pesticides and foliar nutrients to improve spreading and absorption. The unique versatility of OROBOOST is further increased through mix rates. At lower rates, 20-32 ounces/100 gallons of spray solution, it is a superior spreader that gives contact pesticides excellent coverage on the leaf surface.

When OROBOOST is used at higher rates, greater than 32 ounces/100 gallons, it penetrates the leaf surface allowing its patented TransPhloemTM technology to move systemic pesticides and nutrients throughout the plant for rapid translocation.


Insecticide, Fungicide & Herbicide

Better penetration. Better spreading. Better results.

OROBOOST organic adjuvant with TransPhloemTM technology delivers more of the active ingredients in herbicides, fungicides and insecticides to dramatically improve pesticide performance. Flexibility through tank mix amounts allows you to control the amount of spreading or penetration for ideal application of inputs.

Better penetration at higher mix rates.

OROBOOST with proprietary TransPhloemTM technology accelerates the movement of systemic pesticides into a plant’s phloem for rapid translocation of active ingredients and maximum input effectiveness.

SYSTEMIC PESTICIDE WITH OROBOOST- Red indicates a high concentration of pesticide that has been translocated to the roots.
SYSTEMIC PESTICIDE ALONE-The absence of the plant stem or root images indicate the systemic pesticide has not been translocated to this portion of the plant.

Better spreading at lower mix rates.

Effective foliar-applied pest and disease control relies on good leaf surface coverage. Organic OROBOOST reduces surface tension to provide excellent wetting, coverage and delivery of a greater number of droplets in a more uniform droplet size compared to other adjuvant types.

Pesticide with OROBOOST

Pesticide without OROBOOST

Foliar Nutrition

Improved spreading and absorption for healthier crops.

OROBOOST organic adjuvant increases nutrient uptake and distribution of foliar fertilization by promoting superior deposition and penetration through leaf surfaces.

TransPhloemTM technology, found only in Oro Agri products like OROBOOST, allows for faster and more complete nutrient movement into and throughout plants than other adjuvants and surfactants. Better absorption with OROBOOST’s proprietary formulation can reduce fertilization costs and increase quality and the potential for higher yields.

Benefits of OROBOOST use with foliar-applied nutrients:

  • Increased nutrient uptake into the plant
  • Ensures complete coverage for better nutrient distribution
  • Does not decrease stomatal conductance, unlike crop oil sprays that reduce transpiration and increase plant stress
Translocation illustration

CDPA Certified


The CPDA voluntary Adjuvant Certification Program is the first of its kind. Since its launch in 2001, it has quickly gained industry recognition as an innovative tool for encouraging product stewardship in the manufacture of agricultural adjuvants. Prior to this program, end users had little, if any, scientifically accepted standards by which they could effectively judge the quality of a tank-mix adjuvant. Members of the CPDA Adjuvants and Inerts Committee developed the program to bring a level of consistency in product performance for adjuvants used with agricultural pesticide formulations. Products certified under the program must meet 17 separate benchmarks that are based on technologically and scientifically derived definitions and standards adopted by the American Society for Testing and Materials, now known as ASTM International, and certain requirements of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the U.S. Department of Transportation, and the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Agricultural spray adjuvants are not subject to federal regulation by the EPA.

When users purchase a CPDA-certified adjuvant product, they have the assurance that the product meets the functionality claims indicated on the label according to a specified, uniform set of standards, and that ingredients used in the product meet EPA regulations for approved ingredients for use in pesticide tank mixes. The ASTM International standards E 1519-06ae1 and E 609-05 (available for purchase on the ASTM website) provide the structure for ensuring an adjuvant product is of high quality and reliability. Pesticide registrants and users will have the assurance that the product will meet its performance claims and that all product labeling guidelines have been followed.




Use 16-96 fl. oz. OROBOOST per 100 gallons of tank-mix spray solution

CHEMIGATION*: (Through irrigation systems such as drip, microjet, sprinklers or pivot)

8-24 fl. oz. per acre – *Not approved in CA

IMPORTANT: Additional Operating Instructions for Chemigation. Review your state and

local regulatory requirements before applying any adjuvant or agricultural chemical

through an irrigation system. Refer to the SUPPLEMENTAL LABELING FOR CHEMIGATION APPLICATIONS for additional use requirements and restrictions. Directions for use with OROBOOST please visit www.oroagri.com/chemoroboost.

BACKPACK OR HAND-HELD SPRAYERS: Use at a rate of 0.25 to 0.5% v/v.

  • 0.5-1 teaspoon per quart of spray solution
  • 2-4 teaspoon per gallon of spray solution



Add 1-2 quarts of OROBOOST per acre when applied as adjuvant with crop oils or up to 3 quarts of OROBOOST per acre when applied with insecticides, miticides, fungicides, and nutrients. Apply in a water volume adequate to wet the target.

*Always read and follow the product labels for more complete information and application directions. Check your state product registration status before using any product.

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