OMRI-listed water conditioner and acidifying agent to reduce the pH of a tank mix solution

Water conditioning agent and acidifier
Reduces the pH of a tank mix solution

ATTITUDE is an OMRI-listed water conditioner and acidifying agent to reduce the pH of a tank mix solution.

It should not be used with products that require a solution pH higher than 5, for example sulfonylurea herbicides or copper-based fungicides. ATTITUDE can lessen performance of products containing significant amounts of carbonates. ATTITUDE can be applied by ground, aerial or CDA application.

CPDA Certified

NOTE: Not for aquatic use.

Read the directions on the pesticide label to comply with pH requirements of the pesticide. To adjust the pH of the spray solution to within a range of 5 – 2.8, add 16 to 128 ounces of ATTITUDE per 100 gallons of spray solution (0.125 – 1% v/v) unless directed otherwise by tank mix partner label. Do not exceed a rate of 1% (v/v).

*Always read and follow the product labels for more complete information and application directions. Check your state product registration status before using any product.

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