Let's grow the change.

We have big ambitions to shape a sustainable future for agriculture and drive its biotransformation.

We aim to tackle sustainability challenges hand in hand with our partners all over the world, and grow the next chapter in agriculture.

We aim to nurture a better future for the next generations.

We are committed to the ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) principles to generate a positive long-term impact on society.

Taking action

We need to rethink the way we act, innovate, and produce, so we can grow a greener future and help safely feed a growing global population.

We aim to lead the way by taking bold action. Read how Rovensa Next is already making a positive impact.

Our solar panels cut C02 emissions

At our Valencia facilities, we’re keeping a close eye on how our solar panels are performing. So far, we’ve saved the equivalent of 15 tonnes of CO2, and we’re on track to save even more in the future. And we’re not done yet, when all the panels are up and running at full capacity, it will enable the production of 57,000 kWh of green energy annually, which amounts to approximately 1,219 trees planted per year.

Decreasing our use of plastic

We have reduced the use of plastic by 25% in 1L bottles and 11% in 5L bottles in our production plants in Albacete, Spain. But we’re not just cutting down on plastic, we’re also reducing CO2 emissions from transportation and distribution. And this reduction in plastic won’t affect the quality of our bottles. This is all part of our commitment to reduce our carbon footprint in line with the EU’s “Fit for 55” goal of reducing emissions by 55% by 2030. We’re also partnering with our suppliers to find new ways to reduce waste, increase energy efficiency, and become more protective of our environment.


3-in-1 contact insecticide, fungicide and miticide with quick knockdown



Biodegradable water use optimizer

Discover how the BIOTOOL project is revolutionising plant growth and water efficiency through groundbreaking research into active substances from seaweed and other plant sources.

The AZMUD project is revolutionising irrigation and crop cultivation with innovative technologies. It has the potential to lower production costs by up to 15% through the use of wastewater and less water, energy, and pesticide.

Innovation Award

Biimore, the Ultra-Efficient biostimulant won the biosolutions Innovation Award for its innovative, exclusive and sustainable plant fermentation process.

Biimore is a biostimulant with proven beneficial effects in increasing crop yield and quality.

BioProtection Award

Rovensa Next won two World BioProtection Awards and was nominated in four different categories which recognise our achievements as innovators in the biocontrol industry.

by Pamira®

The boxes containing our solid products, and the boxes we ship them in are 100% recyclable, and are certified with the recycle logo.

PAMIRA® is the recovery system for plant protection product and liquid fertiliser packaging in Germany.

Committed to SDGs

Rovensa Next is committed to making the planet a better place to live in and the best way we can make an impact is by contributing to the UN Sustainable Development Goals: