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Riley Reynolds

North America Sales Manager


Rovensa Next offers high performance biosolutions that can complement conventional agriculture products and minimize the environmental footprint.

2788 S. Maple Ave.
Fresno, CA 93725 • USA

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New York, New England, Ontario, E. Canada

Dale Bartholomew

Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia

Christopher Kline

Florida, Georgia, Alabama

Jeff Glass

Texas, Louisiana

Patrick McDonald

Kansas, E. Oklahoma

Adam Ast

Indiana, Kentucky

Eric McClaskey

Northeast Regional Manager, Ohio, Michigan, N./S. Carolina, E. Tennessee

Tim Little

S. Illinois

Ryan E. Craig

N. Illinois, S. Wisconsin

Ryan Craig

Iowa, Missouri

Troy Jaeger

Midwest Regional Manager, Minnesota, N. Dakota, Wisconsin, Manitoba, Saskatchewan

Korey Sundby

Minnesota, S. Dakota

Grant Bose

Montana, Wyoming, Alberta

Jarod Linne

S. Idaho, Utah, Nevada

Derek Lloyd

Nebraska, N. Colorado

Cory Codr

New Mexico, W. Texas, W. Oklahoma, S. Colorado, Hawaii

Scott McKelvie

Southwest Regional Manager, Arizona, S. California

Jon Pasquinelli

Central Coast California

Jim Matsuyama

Southern San Joaquin Valley California

Kent Davis

Central San Joaquin Valley California

Richard Diaz

Northern California

Mark Abildgaard

Northwest Regional Manager, Washington, N. Idaho, Oregon, B.C. Montana

Dan Galbreath

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2788 S. Maple Ave., Fresno, CA 93725


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