6-0-0 with 13% S, 1% chelated Mn, 1% chelated Zn for foliar and soil applications

Supports plant enzymes for better nitrogen use efficiency (NUE)
Increases amino acid production in the plant
Helps plants resist mold, mildew and aphid attacks
Stops glyphosate flash without reducing weed control

IGNEOUS provides a source of essential nutrients that correct their deficiencies. This product has positive effects on the vigor of plants.

The nitrogen present improves the synthesis of chlorophyll molecule, nucleic acids and proteins. Its sulfur-based composition facilitates the synthesis of amino acids (cysteine, cystine and methionine) and vitamin synthesis. Mn and Zn in the product contribute to the correct functioning of several biological processes including photosynthesis, respiration and nitrogen assimilation.

Apply IGNEOUS anytime during the crop’s germination & establishment and vegetative states or when sulfur deficiency (whole plant chlorosis and stunting) is present. Time applications on corn, soybeans and cotton at V3, peanuts during/post pegging and rice and wheat at late tiller to early boot stages.

Foliar applications: 4 to 32 oz/acre
Soil applications: 1 to 2 qt/acre

*Always read and follow the product labels for more complete information and application directions. Check your state product registration status before using any product.

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