Strong broad-spectrum contact effect

Innovative oil-based formula based on red thyme oil.
Key in preventive and eradicant strategies against bacteria, botrytis and aphids.
Outstanding quality raw material with the highest % of active compounds.
Strong broad-spectrum contact effect.
Low application rates and safe for beneficials.
Synergistic tank-mix partner.

A pure and natural formula with an excellent bactericide, fungicide and insecticide action with a quick eradicant effect that eliminates pest presence without risking applicator or consumer health.

Thymic® has a perfect combination of phenols from Red Thyme oil that is crucial for achieving the maximum fungicidal, bactericidal and insecticidal action. It acts against aphids, bacteria, botrytis, thrips, whitefly, nematodes, powdery mildew, affecting all life stages and forms, after acting by contact.

This product includes secondary natural origin essential oils in order to improve phenols equilibrium and promote extended biopesticide action.

Thymic can be used in fruits and vegetables crops, ornamentals and any other garden plants for both indoor and outdoor applications, including greenhouses. *

*Always read and follow the product labels for more complete information and application directions. Check your state product registration status before using any product.

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