Milagrum Plus

OMRI-listed Bacillus subtilis formulation for preventive and curative control of a wide variety of foliar diseases

Three modes of action: Direct fungicidal activity, ISR activation, and competitive exclusion of fungal spores
Can be applied as a foliar or soil application by all common application techniques. It can also be used as seed/tuber dip treatment.
A high level of disease control makes it a perfect addition to a resistance management program
4-hour REI, 0-Day PHI, MRL exempt, no visible residue

An OMRI-listed Bacillus subtilis formulation that prevents and eradicates downy mildew, black rot (Northern), apple scab, potato and tomato early and late blight and other foliar diseases.

Trials at Michigan State University show MILAGRUM PLUS offers control comparable to a conventional pesticide spray program. It should be a key component in every spray program to combat disease resistance.

Milagrum Plus® is a new generation strain of Bacillus subtilis (no less than 1 x 107 CFU/mL), developed with Bioevology® Technology.

Milagrum Plus is a broad-spectrum biological fungicide for the prevention, control, or suppression of soil-borne and foliar diseases on the labeled agricultural crops. Milagrum Plus contains the active ingredient Bacillus subtilis IAB/BS03, which is a rhizosphere bacterium that quickly establishes beneficial colonies on the plant’s roots and leaves. It stimulates healthier roots, accelerates plant growth, and activates the defense system of the plant.

Milagrum Plus is most effective when applied prior to the onset of disease. Use Milagrum Plus in combination and/or rotation with chemical fungicides to enhance disease control.

Foliar and soil applications: 40 – 60 oz/100 g of spray solution
Seed and tuber dip: 20 – 60 oz/100 g of solution

For use on labeled outdoor field grown food crops including vegetables, herbs, small fruits, berries and fruit and nut trees. Also, for use in greenhouse plug production and hydroponics operations.

*Always read and follow the product labels for more complete information and application directions. Check your state product registration status before using any product.

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